About Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr.
New York Times Bestselling Author
Amazon.com #1 Bestselling Author


Frank J. Rumbauskas, Jr., #1 bestselling author of Never Cold Call Again, spent several difficult years in sales, frustrated and convinced that there must be a better way than the familiar chants of "cold call more" and "increase your activity" so frequently heard from well-meaning but otherwise clueless sales managers. 

While working as an account executive for a Fortune 100 company in the mid 1990s, Mr. Rumbauskas was mentored by another A.E. who went from entry-level sales to upper management in 3 years, something unheard of in this particular organization.  This top producer revealed a very basic principle to Mr. Rumbauskas.  He immediately applied it and suddenly began to achieve tremendous results.  That simple principle forms the basis of this entire program.  Mr. Rumbauskas has taken it, perfected it, designed systems around it, and is now able to apply it to any and all sales jobs.  He went on to successfully start and run two sales agencies based on these principles before moving into sales training.

His biggest strength compared to other sales trainers and authors is the fact that he is now a business owner who meets with salespeople on a regular basis.  He is careful to observe everything they do right as well as everything they do wrong, and his training materials reflect this firsthand experience.

Originally from Linden, New Jersey, Mr. Rumbauskas now resides in Dallas, Texas.  He is actively involved with various community and civic organizations, and is an active entrepreneur - he owns a life insurance agency which uses the principles he teaches to generate business without cold calling, and is a major holder in an emerging wireless internet company.  He enjoys reading the great number of success stories we receive from students of this program.  If you have a success story you haven't yet shared with us, please do so!