The Sales Mastery Program
Never Cold Call Again, Part II

Thank you for your interest in The Sales Mastery Program by Frank J. Rumbauskas, Jr., author of the highly-praised book Never Cold Call Again: Achieve Sales Greatness Without Cold Calling.

The Sales Mastery Program goes far beyond the concepts presented in Never Cold Call Again and explains, in full detail, every method and technique Frank used to become a top producer in sales once he'd mastered the process of generating leads without cold calling.  This is why we refer to The Sales Mastery Program as "Never Cold Call Again, Part II."  Learn how to sell with ease.

This new program includes all of the following:

Disc 1 - Unstoppable Confidence

In Disc 1, you'll learn mind-blowing techniques that you'll use to instill a level of confidence in yourself that you never even thought possible. This CD goes deep into powerful methods and techniques that will practically guarantee that you never have the jitters again, no matter who you may be facing. In addition, people who have applied these techniques have not only seen major advances in their careers, but in their personal lives as well.

Disc 2 - Ultimate Power and Control

In Disc 2, you'll learn exactly how to maintain supreme power over every sales situation and how to control every interaction in a way that will enable you to steer it in the direction you choose. It doesn't matter how powerful your prospect may be. In addition, you'll learn exactly HOW and WHY these principles work, along with an explanation of the psychology at work in each one. We've all had experiences where an appointment went in a direction that was exactly opposite of what we had planned. Once you're armed with this information, you'll be able to maintain control and that won't happen again. This information came about as a result of my learning and applying principles of human social dynamics to selling. I can say with absolute certainty that this information is not available anywhere

Disc 3 - Powerful Fact-Finding, Qualifying, and Justification Techniques That Guarantee Sales

This section explains how the pros - the super-achievers in sales - conduct their qualifying, fact-finding, and how they justify solutions to their prospects in a way that is sure to get the sale. I explain, step-by-step, how any first appointment must be conducted in order to maximize your chances for getting the sale. You'll learn how to uncover information that you've probably overlooked in the past, and how to get past the prospect's defenses and get them to reveal their real, underlying need or desire that they may be withholding from you. I also explain advanced Profit Justification techniques that, when applied and used properly, will have prospects literally begging
to buy.

Disc 4 - Proposals and Presentations That Never Fail

Disc 4 goes into the exact methods and techniques that top producers use to develop proposals and conduct presentations that practically guarantee they'll get the sale. This will build upon the information presented in Disc 3, and show you exactly how to take the information you've gathered - information that few, if any, of your competitors were able to uncover - and use it to build a
proposal that speaks directly to the prospect's real needs and shows them exactly why they should buy from you and only you. I've always known that the top producers in the world of sales, myself included, don't try to use the standard list of "closes." When you follow these guidelines and use these techniques to develop your proposals and present them to prospects, the prospect is naturally induced to want to buy from you and the usual closes become unnecessary. You will learn how to sell the way top producers do.

Guidebook and Reference Manual

The program also includes a guidebook to go along with the CDs that highlights every point I make and every technique I explain. For an in-depth preview of what's included on the CDs you can download the actual guidebook that is included with the program in .pdf format by clicking on the following link :

The Sales Mastery Program Guidebook

In addition to all of the above, you'll also be placed on an
advance list to be invited to an upcoming teleseminar that
will not only go into the information contained in this program
but will also cover everything in Cold Calling Is A Waste Of Time.

"This information is what gave me the power to take the
leads I generated through my self-marketing systems and
do such a great job of closing them that I consistently held the
record for the highest close rate at every job I had.  I'm an avid reader,
especially of other sales books, and I know for a fact that these
advanced selling tactics are not available anywhere else.  This is all
brand-new material that will give your sales an unbelievable boost."

- Frank Rumbauskas, on The Sales Mastery Program

The Sales Mastery Program is available now
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